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Digital Coin Trade®™ Tokenomy

What We Offer

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Crypto Staking

Invest in DCT token and earn up to 50% APY in USD.

What We Offer
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Crypto Fait Loan

Instant P2P loans via DCT escrow, with zero interest.

What We Offer
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Crypto Gift Card

Create cashback e-Gift cards for business retention.

What We Offer

Peer-to-Peer Exchange

To trade P2P, DCT token are required on the escrow to execute crypto exchange between crypto to crypto or fait to crypto and vice versa.

  • 100% Decentralize Trade
  • Totally Secured Orders
  • Seamless Transactions
  • 24/7 Customer Support

Binary Matrix Program

This is the fastest way to build value on your crypto investment and acquire more DCT tokens, with additional 10% referral commission.

  • Earn upto 300% per Cycle
  • No Downline Spill Overs
  • No Multi Level Required
  • Auto Purchase Downlines

OTO Referral Program

Earn extra commission from your referrals that register on the platform via your refferal url and enjoy one time offer

  • Earn 10% on Investment
  • Earn 10% on Networking
  • No 10% on Crypto Loan
  • No 10% on Peer-to-Peer
native mobile app


Native Mobile App

Manage all your digital investment portfolio accross all programs on the DCT Tokenomy Ecosytem, with a simple QR-Code synchronization

  • Crypto Investment
  • Binary Networking
  • P2P Trading Exchange
  • Cashback e-Gift Card
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Token Demand

Where there is a real life use case study for a token, demand will rise.

Token Hodlers

With such case study, this will encourage hodlers to stake their tokens.

Token Scarcity

With token hodlers holding tokens, this in-effect cause market scarcity.

Token Supply

With the burning of excess tokens to hit our original targeted market supply.

To ininifty & The Moon!

It is a long established fact that most cryptocurreny enthusiasts are majorly in for the money and not keen to the application of this technology. This is why most crypto projects fall out of consensus after running for a few years, as opposed to offering a real life applicable product, that provides solutions to different business industry needs.

Many blockchain projects offer similar or copycat systems of delivering the same services, but we rather take a different approach that will satisfy sustainability and profitability of the project model using Demand, Holders, Scarcity, and Supply.

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Open an Account


Days Left!

Ending Soon 10520 Sold, Get 50% Air Drop!


Seed 1

  • 450,000 Tokens
  • Start-End Jun-Aug
  • 12 mth Token Vault
  • Card Payment
  • $100 Minimum Buy
  • Crypto payment

$0.25 / Per Token


Seed 2

Minimum Token Purchase is $200. Token pre-sale price at $0.5, The Total Token to be sold is 450,000. Multiple payment options, Seed 2 will commence 2 weeks after seed 1 ends, duration of 3 mth.


Seed 3

Minimum Token Purchase is $400. Token pre-sale price at $1.0, The Total Token to be sold at is 450,000. Multiple payment options, Seed 3 will commence 2 weeks after seed 2 ends, duration of 3 mth.



Generate more public awareness via online marketing mediums, eg press release, featured post, online advertising platform, media adverts, and other advertising mediums at our disposal.



Case studies of strategically utilizing Digital Coin Trade flagship product, "e-crypto cashback giftcards" to companies looking for ways to increase customers repetitive order, retention and loyalty.

Digital Coin Trade®™

Road Map

  1. (2017) The creation of an MVP project

    The first development of Digital Coin Trade®™ platform under a minimal viable product accessibility with over 300 registered aplha users.

  2. (2018) The project under beta release

    Creating a synergy system between each investment model in the ecosystem to provide a synchronized stable cycle for token usage and recycled usage.

  3. (2020) Development of a new blueprint

    After introductions of diffrent ecosystem to enable token growth and circulation, we envisage how to derive real life case uses for sustainability.

  4. (2021) Project Transition to Blockchain

    The selection of a scalable blockchain protocol that best deliver what we want and need to provide a work proof product that can deliver to end users.

  5. (2022) Project fund seeding ends

    By the end of second quarter of 2022, all promo awareness for DCT initial coin offering sales will stop, and we will work towards entering the market.

  6. (2022) Project usability and growth

    By third Quarter, we focus on entering the market exchange, providing scalability and usability for real life business solutions for customer retention.

  7. (2022) First phase of Token burnt

    During the fourth quarter, their will be nine million of the DCT tokens removed from market circulation completely by burnning them out of use to anybody.

  8. (2023) Enlisting Token on Major DEX

    All focus will be aimed during this year to get DCT Token enlisted on Major Decentralize Exchanges for listing, so users can trade DCT tokens via buy and sell.

  9. (2023) Soliciting Brand Partnership

    Working with world's recognized brands to offer better market penetration and customer repetitive orders via our flagship product, will be an attainable milestone.

  10. (2023) Second phase of Token burnt

    The second phase of token burnning will also appreciate the value of DCT token by creating scarcity and shortage in supply of DCT token, coupled with strateic partnership.

  11. (2027) Final phase of Token Burnt

    We project the true price value of DCT will be achieved when we hit target market circulation of DCT Token (thirty five million), with ten million token locked as reserve.


Real World Applications

DCT Tokens are Made With Just For You.