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Frequently Asked Questions?.

Digital Coin Trade ®™ helps users leverage on arbitrage pricing and floating rate of popular digital coin eg bitcoin. We provide a tokenized coin or credit used for investment at a competitive buy and sell rate and price, under the investment derivatives of swap trade and currency swap. We offer 3 investment opportunities that are synchronized to provide a sustainable ecosystem for clients financial securities.
We offer a secured wallet for all your favorite cyrptocurrencies via tokenization and protect them against market volatility and floating rates, you can further invest them as token via any of our 3 major investment programs (ie Investment, Matrix, or Trading) or work with us as an exchanger to Buy and sell bitcoin, bitcoin cash, litecoin, ripple and Ether via cyrpto currencies or fiat currencies.

NO. We actually utilize investment money in transactions that are only aimed at trading currency swapping, but also on cost effective profit generating streams that can potentially grow more interest and more transaction dealings.
It's based on this interest earned that dividends are shared among members.

We have a risk management procedure that allows us to minimize investment losses, sometimes economy factors and unforeseen odds can influence investment interest rates and we MAY NOT be able to sustain the 30% interest rate but reduce the margin to 15%. Transactions during this periods are called "Fall". This doesn't mean we will not resume back to 30% interest rate, as soon as everything becomes favorable.

You can always terminate your account if you have not transferred it into your purchase balance (ie if it is still in your cash balance), but do note that we will charge a 20% processing fee for such account cancellation.

It's quite simple, you deposit into your cash balance by purchasing virtual credit, which is the only currency used on the platform to buy into the investment program. You can decide to compound your interest up to 100%, this allows your monthly profit generated from your principal to be added to the following month investment and you can only withdraw all your funds when tenure has ended.

    PLEASE NOTE When you select compounding, you will not be able to withdraw your interest monthly until your investment tenure has ended. unlike when you don't, you get to withdraw your interest at the end of each month, all earnings and principal are cashed out in bitcoin or other means supported by the platform, otherwise cash out locally to your bank using our rates.

We do not do such, we are in business to make you legit money online, and unlike some illegal online investment companies we don't require you to refer to earn money, here are some bad listed investment system you should try to avoid Learn more.

The platform comes with a binary forced matrix system, it's price is not affected by any external trading factor but pure networking, you can easily raise funds for any of the other 2 investment plan on the system ie Investment program and Trading system
To make things easier you can also make deposit on the system by buying and storing virtual credits on your cash balance e-wallet till you have enough to start any of the investment of your choice.

Yes we do. On every withdrawals we charge 6.25% and NO Fixed Withdrawal rates (both) respectively as commission and transaction between us and payment gateway exchange fees. if you want to make a withdrawal in Bitcoin or any currency supported, you withdraw at our sell rates. WHY? because our rates are based on the floating rate of currency exchange market rate/price of the principal currency (fixed rates) to the rate as at the time of purchase (not time of deposit) with respect to the rates when you request for a withdrawal.

This investment plan is designed for fast turn-around depending on your ability to build the group before the upgrade subscription fees expires, the plan is built on a binary system of 2x2 with an activation fee of $50 (a monthly subscription fee for accessing trading signal panel) AND BUILD YOUR TWO DOWN LINES (or you complete your table alone) who will also fill their Two as well, all paying the upgrade fee. After the group is complete with 7 members you then cycle out with $150. When you cash out you have to wait for the subscription to be over before you can get a new matrix table, also this doesnot affect your referral commission even if you have cashed out and still referring, you simply earn referral commission and no Binary earnings.

You are entitled for total withdrawal after 60 working days, which is 2 cycles (excluding Saturdays and Sundays) in the investment plan after which the plan account is closed, your funds are always accumulated for reinvestment after 30 working days, which is 1 cycle (excluding Saturdays and Sundays). You can always withdraw your interest after 30 working days, in order to increase your interest when cashing out in any currency you can compound your interest. Both account setup bonus or referral bonus can't be compounded and are only withdraw able after 60 working days, except for your interest which can be withdrawn after 30 working days (accumulated).

Every member have their own unique referral link that can be found on their dashboard when they signup. When you register a down line you get a one time residual 5% commission assigned to you from their investment plan which are credited to your cash balance auotmatically at instant investment deposit by your downline, ie anytime they renew an investment you earn a one time 5% commission, in similar fashion, account plans on binary matrix program also earn you a 10% referral commission which are stored in your referral commission wallet.
Referral commissions and bonuses can't be added to your investment, you will cash them out during withdrawal period (60 working days [excluding Saturdays and Sundays], which is 2 cycles ). Bonuses are cashed out via purchase balance wallet and are used for trading investments.
We're not a get rich quick scheme and do not provide such avenue, how is it better to promote a business you are not part of?.

Yes we do. In order to manage and limit risk we do not allow members to invest more than 1 e-slots (plans), ie you cannot invest more than 1 investment plan at the same time. You can add more invesment opportunity via upgrading your account for the Binary Matrix that allows you to earn 300% on a single $50 investment by network building via Forced cycle out system.

It's quite simple, every member under a single account can only have a single investment plan. You cannot purchase or participate in any investment if you have purchased up to the limit required per account. The invesment limitation is part of our risk managment system and also if you will like to grow your investment with more invesment portfolios we do recommend using the binary matrix system, it is the simplest and fastes network marketing system to grow your funds.

Members earn money when their investment cycle is up or if they have reached the stage to cash out from their investment package. The system also provides the binary matrix system which is the fastest way to earn if you are a team builder. Moreover participants can earn by the side with the Digital Coi₦ trading system of buying and selling when prices are up and can also sell their DCT Coi₦ to other participants (referrals) at the current buy rates.
We offer residual referral commissions which you can earn via referring downlines to either investment program or binary program. We also have the bonuse prices for our top investors and referrals. These are the means of earning on Digital Coin Trade.

YES. We buy bitcoin, sell bitcoin, buy Ether, sell Ether, buy bitcoin cash, sell bitcoin cash and make other altcoin withdraw able via these 3 major coins,eg you need to deposit the amount of bitcoin by buying equivalent token price via deposit page and after confirmation in your cash balance wallet you visit withdrawal page to do a withdrawal.
You can cash out in any local currency or other altcoin supported by the system. Currently we support the following e-currency exchange on the platform, you can exchange between local fait currencies that are supported for bitcoin, Ether, lite coin and bitcoin cash or convert over 20+ altcoins supported on the platform for fait currency or bitcoin, Ether, litecoin and bitcoin cash.

You can only transfer 30% of your Bonus fund from your bonus wallet to your cash balance wallet, and you do this by making a transfer from your cash wallet to your purchase balance wallet (From FUND SECTION), during this process 30% of your input amount to transfer to purchase balance wallet is deducted form your bonus wallet (if you have any funds) and added to the total funds to be transferred to purchase balance wallet.
The purchase balance wallet is the only wallet dedictaed for trading options, so after you have done this you are expected to use the fund to buy the qty of DCT (From COIN SECTION)and then sell back the DCT coin which immediately transfers to Cash Balance wallet for quick withdrawal.

It's just similar to forex only difference is that you trade using our token "Digital Coi₦®™" to store the value of BTC and sell back when BTC prices is high.
All trading are carried out from your purchase balance wallet and then required to purchase our token "Digital Coi₦®™" (Bitcoin) to have it stored in Digital Coi₦®™ wallet (as Voucher or token) via buy trade order, from which you can make a transfer to your cash balance wallet when you sell your trade order, where all withdrawals of funds and deposit of funds takes place.
Our trading platform offer a two trading pair only, ie DCT(BTC)/USD and +crypto/DCT(BTC), So when trading other crypto pairs via buy trade order your live trading chart should be set to "crypto/BTC", you are trading crypto/BTC and no longer DCT(BTC)/USD (default), there are no trading fees, but can have an arbitrage price difference from the crypto trade of your choice being stored in DCT Wallet to trade.
To fund your purchase balance wallet you are required to deposit the amount minimum of $50 into your cash balance wallet and then transfer this funds (alongside bonus if you have any in bonus wallet) into your purchase balance and trade with them, the purchase balance wallet will reflect your gain and losses from your trading chart success, after your trading you can now buy our token and then sell it to get withdraw able funds transferred to your cash balance which is finally withdraw able via the Fund section withdrawal page.

The compound interest rate helps you to decide the quantity of your interest yielded from your principal money you want to re-invest back, since every day you earn 1% for the next 60 working days(2 cycle or 75 days). The compound interest will allow you to re-invest the interest back to your principal money making it grow more interest for you.
You can select to use 50% of the interest rate to be re-invested or 60% even 100% at the end of 60 working days (excluding Saturdays and Sundays). You can not compound bonuses and referrals commissions and they are accumulated (no interest grow on them), referral commissions are withdraw able after 60 working days while bonuses are redeemable via transfer to purchase balance wallet for trading (buy coin).
Every first 30 working days you get your first 30% interest transferred to your cash balance wallet from your daily earnings wallet, the maturity date for total withdrawal is 60 working days and both interest for the last 30 working days and capital funds are transferred in the first week of the following month to your cash balance wallet, where you can now make a withdrawal via FUND SECTION.

Risk Warning: Trading or investing in any type of market involves substantial risks, including complete possible loss of funds and other losses and is not suitable for all members. Clients should make an independent judgment as to whether investment trading is appropriate for them in the light of their financial condition, investment experience, risk tolerance and other factors.
Traders should ensure they understand the risks associated with investment and trading before making a decision to become a DIGITAL COIN TRADE®™ Member.

Leverage on Volatility. Arbitrage Pricing. Floating Rate. Swap Trade.

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