Transactional Fees

Transactional Fees & Charges.

The following table highlights our charges on transactions on the platform.

Payment Method % Deposit Fees $ Withdrawal Fixed Fees % Transactional Fees 15% Fall Price Fees
Credit Card 10.00% 0.00 NIL 15.00%
Local Fait (NGN) NIL 0.00 6.25% 15.00%
Vogue Pay 10.00% 0.00 NIL 15.00%
Crypto Currency 10.00% 0.00 6.25% 15.00%
Pay Pal (USD) NIL 10.00 6.25% 15.00%
Perfect Money 0.00% 10.00 10.00% 15.00%

Please Note: That local fiat payment and conversion will be executed by our designated executive representatives also known as our partners. If you don't have a designated executive representative in your region you can simply apply to be one HEREor make your withdrawals in crypto currency.
The 15% Fall price is a risk management rule to help protect both Digital Coin Trade®™ and it's investors during a market dip of 15%, this means that we will not be able to offer the normal interest, but will have to reduce it by 15%.

***If the market falls below 15% in a long haul, investment portfolios will be returned as initial capital when due for withdrawal***
(Transactional fees are added to 15% Falls during checkout).

Types of Commission & Pay Out Fees.

Affiliate Commission : 300% Earnings Potential
Service: Trading Signals Subscription: 50 USD Monthly

DCT®™ is offerring a 300% affiliate commission structure based on its trading signals service, where we offer members that meets our matrix (binary) tree targets of 7 team members. Affiliates earn x3 their subscriber's service fee for selling an wholesale package deal to meet the Matrix tree requirement for a cash out.

Because this commission is soley tied to the trading signals service, an affiliate is expected to have an upgraded trading signals subscription account, and are automatically place in their own Matrix tree dashboard to build and cycle out.
Members are also expected to use their unique referral urls to signup paying members (Trading signals service), to have the chance of earning affiliate commissions, members must have referred 6 downlines, either that or their direct downlines have referred two downlines under. With the table complete, the upline ends up cashing out $150 of affiliate commission.
Finally we have put into consideration case scenarios a member is yet to close their matrix tree and their subscription service fee is about to expire, they can pay for a bail out at an extra charge of 50USD, what this does is to help the member cycle out with what they have build up, the minimum requirement for a bail out is to have two or one downline left to close the table to cash out $100. Also note; a member needs to wait till the end of their subscription to start a fresh matrix table, meaning you have that much of days to complete a 6 downline team under you.


The Digital Coin Trade®™ Affiliate Commission program is not a product or service but a growth marketing program.

Referral Commision : 10% Earnings Potential
Services: Trading Signals & Investment Stakings Subscription: 50 USD Monthly & Undefined

All DCT®™ referral commission are split into two, for the trading signals service members earn a 10% commission while on the investment staking members earn a one time 5%, meaning it is not a reocurring earning.

Unlike the trading signals service, the investment referral commission is paid once on the first investment staking a referral executes, more so why it's referral commissions are not kept in the referral wallet, but instantly transferred to the cash balance wallet for quick withdrawal.


The Digital Coin Trade®™ Referral Commission program is not a product or service but a growth marketing program.

Royalty Commission : 400% Earnings Potential
Services: Trading Signals Subscription: 50 USD One Time Payment

DCT®™ royalty commission are exclusively for registered and approved Executive associates, similar to the affiliate commission setup but only differ in terms of paying renewal subscription fees, they don't and earn this via a status ID badge.

With their status ID as EA badge 🏆 members cashout their first cycle out as 300% and from there on do not need to pay anymore subscription fees to participate in the matrix program, they are soley network marketers (more interested in the networking aspect than the trading signals service).
If you believe you have the spunk to become an Executive Associate please submit your interest via the partnership program form.


The Digital Coin Trade®™ Royalty Commission program is not a product or service but a growth marketing program.

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