Feb 2018


Posted on Feb 2018

The sudden fall of cryptocurrencies as left the market capitalization, dumb founded! with most losing over 20% of their current value consistently in a week row and still no positive signal for redemption.Most crypto enthusiast have pegged this period as the best opportunity to buy in the dip, but the unfortunate thing is that is this a certain buy...

Dec 2017

Introduction of Ripple Coin

Posted on Dec 2017

Digital Coin Trade®™ is launching a new digital asset to the crypto currency withdrawal system that can be easily exchanged for fait currencies supported by the platform.#ripplecoin currently gaining on #ethereum making it one of the best #cryptocurrency to #invest in come #newyear #2018 #invest in #CryptoCurrencies @DigitaCoinTrade

Dec 2017

Digital Coin Trade®™ Xmas Deposit Bonus

Posted on Dec 2017

Digital Coin Trade®™ Xmas Deposit BonusDigital Coin Trade®™ is offering a special Xmas bonus offer for every deposit executed during the Xmas period and month of  December. This offer provides every client the opportunity to earn $20 per deposit they make on the platform. Every time a user makes a deposit under $50, they are entitled to a free...