Nov 2017

Bitcoin scales over $7500

Posted on Nov 2017

It seems our prediction of Bitcoin scaling through this year at a stalemate of $8000 to $9000 might become feasible after all...from our previous post on Bitcoin to set a new Gold record! Having taken the 61.8 percent Fibonacci retracement level yesterday, the world's largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization rose to eight-day...

Nov 2017

Bitcoin to set a new Gold record!

Posted on Nov 2017

Bitcoin is about to set yet another new record prior the end of November! Are we going to see it skyrocket over $10,000 by end of this year? That's a 50-50 chance actually we can only see a plausible effect of bitcoin weighing down on $8000 to $9000 exchange unit price, but a $10,000 exchange rate?! that will be something don't you think with it's...

Oct 2017

Bitcoin Loss 5% As Bitcoin Gold Hit Market.

Posted on Oct 2017

Bitcoin Loss 5% As Bitcoin Gold Hit Market.It's no joke, but then we at Digital Coin Trade®™ had provided a two way view of the choice to make for investors to trade carefully with the sudden spike price of bitcoin around $6100 and advised investors to use the opportunity to trade during the spike. Digital Coin Trade®™ is still standing o...