Bitcoin Falls by 30 percent! This week.

18 Jun 2017

Bitcoin Falls by 30 percent! This week.

Hello crypto fans! am certain most of you must have realized the sudden fall of bitcoin over the week? well this is not new in fact in most cases

this is actually a tendency that the cryptocurrency might actually kick back within the following week has it has done in previous times.

But if you log on to your Digital Coin Trade®™ dashboard Bitcoin Live Exchange graph, you will notice the depleting fall and rise of the currency.

Now most Forex Traders trading bitcoin during this period may not have foreseen this but this week only 30% fall of bitcoin price to dollar was eminent.

It has only start to rise back by 15% which may actually take some time for it to do at present, from the graph below this fall will be the first for the crypto currency giant.

bitcoin-falls-by-30 percent

In retroscope if you were to trade bitcoin during the long tenure of price spikes this might be a downtime situation, as bitcoin is currently struggling to bounce back to $2900.

When it surpasses $3000 mark most enthusiastic netpreneurs or stakeholders were all in praises, but with the sudden fall of the price these might spell loses to some traders.

This is why at Digital Coin Trade®™ such fall of bitcoin prices that are within control measures of 30% are still redeemable if not exceed a certain duration, but for forex traders in bitcoin this might be a huge lose. 

This is just one of the many merits of investing your funds in Digital Coin Trade®™ , as the Team are well equipped to handle queries and understand the market flow. We are not a get rich quick scheme and do invest our investors money in securing their financial security of "financial freedom" this is why you are here and this is what we promise you. 

Why will such 30% fall affect Digital Coin Trade®™ ?

Bitcoin investment or trading is a volatile market and we have measures to help us control the losses, if the Fall of bitcoin price is above 30% or duration is up to a week, this will cause a fall in the interest commission we offer our investors and this is is only exclusive in the particular period, assuming it is more than a week (such cases is rear that the price of bitcoin will continue to fall drastically for that long has it just did for a week) but during this period we will only offer 15% interest due to such incidents, for the same duration the fall has occurred..

This will affect us because of the amount value of what we are trading as fallen as well, but due to our control mechanism we have provided a soft couching to bounce back our loses, let's just say such scenarios already have a safe measure. the only one that is a bit out of our control will be when we have such a fall consistently for more than a week.

So if you have already started investing in Digital Coin Trade®™ , we can assure you that you are well covered and insured from such financial risk and lose with your bitcoin investment on our platform.

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