DCT®™ Launches Executive Rep Program

24 Sep 2017

Digital Coin Trade®™ will be launching officially the executive representative program on 9/25/2017, the program is targeted at members that have a high preference of self-entrepreneurship and will like to earn from the proceeds of the exchange currency rate between  DCT®™ virtual coin and the local currency of the participants.


To top it all up we provide additional incentives as Executive reps of DCT®™ with functional roles as well in promoting the platform on an individual basis. To qualify as an Executive rep of DCT®™ you are required to have funding on the platform either 1 DCT®™ virtual coin ($) or 1/2 DCT®™ virtual coin ($), and provide data information and files to support your interest in the program and verification of your identity and address.

If you are selected your username will be placed under the country list on the local deposit page and also your telephone number for your country member to contact you. You are expected to receive the equivalent sum (amount) of DCT®™ Virtual coin ($) user want's to purchase and hence provide a transfer of DCT®™ virtual coin ($) to user's user name.

You can make transfer of DCT®™ virtual coin ($) via the FUND SECTION on your dashboard by clicking the internal wallet transfer tab, supply the amount the user has paid for and provide the user name with a security "pin code" which you made use of during your registration. For you to be able to do an internal Transfer to others you are required to make upgrade your account to a binary matrix system...hence why we provide incentive of $100 (if you fund your account with 1 DCT®™ coin) or $50 (1/2 DCT®™ coin)  meaning this expense will not come from your funds.

All transactions are saved on the TRANSACTION  TAB, so it is easy to investigate and monitor cases with DCT®™ coin sold to users, if as an Executive Rep you are guilty of trying to cheat a user trying to buy locally from you, your account will be suspended. NOTE: To avoid users cheating Executive Reps it is advisable and mandatory that a user must pay the equivalent money first to the Executive rep local account, who in turn make transfer of the equivalent sum of DCT®™ coin ($) to the user's user name.

If an Executive Rep no longer has any DCT®™ coin in their cash balance we will notify them and request to either make another purchase or will vacate the position for another prospect in their country. 

Benefits of being a DCT®™ Executive Rep

Being an Executive Rep means you are like the platform independent PRO (Personal relation officer) or ORM (Online reputation officer), it is a mix of the two similar responsibilities.

You are required to sell the virtual coin to other users locally and to also promote the platform as a business you do yourself. Executive reps can and should consider investing on the platform to always have sufficient cash balance to always sell to other users.

Users of the platform can also sell their DCT®™ coin earnings from investments to their downlines but such transactions are limited to those they can pitch to, unlike  being an executive rep, a sole distributor of our DCT®™ coin to other users in local countries.

You will earn more than if you sell back DCT®™ coin to us at our sell rate as you are actually selling DCT®™ coin back to other users at our buy rates. 

You will be made admins on our telegram social account and responsible to coordinate or advertise the DCT®™ investment platform in your respective countries, this favors you the most as the more people you have under you the more you can sell your coin to and also earn a one time 5% commission if your referrals participate in the investment program (commission not available in matrix or trading).


1.) Register an account and validate it (check spam mail)

2.) Login to your account and make a deposit, check the investment calculator for tycoon plan [1 DCT®™ coin ($)] and enterprise plan [1/2 DCT®™ coin ($)] prices 

3.) Note the one you want and go to deposit to input the figure and make purchase via any of the preferred payment method (bitcoin manual most recommended)

4.) After cash balance wallet has been deposited, kindly visit here and fill the form providing all details and information required.

5.) Wait to get validate, if after 2 weeks you are not approved simply invest your money or resubmit your application again. If you get picked an email will be sent to you to recognized your new status and you will be added tot he country list.

6.) This offer of Executive position will be opened and closed, meaning we will be selecting few people in each countries that apply for the position. After position has been filled out we will stop or remove the form, till further notice.