Bitcoin Closing on $300 by Week End

27 Sep 2017

Hello Folks! We are back again with your wonderful predictions and analysis on the world's fastest growing financial tool ever created! Seems has if most of our last post all came true. Well as every bitcoin traders would have analyzed the data of previous weeks, from the live graphs and charts from all stock exchange data we can see that bitcoin is actually struggling to get back to it's $4700 value it had last 2 weeks, at least the crypto giant maintained that dominance against the dollar for an entire week before it started plummeting downward. 


Well today Digital Coin Trade®™ will be stating this off the record, that it very much unlikely to see the value of bitcoin move up or surpass it's current value of $4200 by the weekend, we might actually see a bit of bumps along the way. As of now the only visible interval is the improvement of $300 gain it has had from its loss from $4700 to $3800 2 weeks ago Bitcoin Falls by 20% in 2 weeks.

Right now won't be the best time to take decisions that are not grounded or focused, you might require to be a little bit patient too, as the gain window is actually slim since the bench mark of bitcoin gain was at $4700 and currently it only gained $300 from its 2 weeks straight loses.

Its quite weird that bitcoin is still yet to climb up and gain back it's momentum but still after 2 weeks bitcoin is still trying to gain back all it has loosed to dollar over the span of 2 weeks. To some the recent gain of bitcoin might be something pleasant to the ears, but Digital Coin Trade®™ will advice investors to still be weary as in real sense of it, bitcoin is yet to gain its $4700 stalemate it had when coming into September. If you read our previous post on the dilemma then you might probably see that a gain of $300 over 3 weeks span is nothing good to write home about.

There is still room for improvement, in our opinion and still believe that we are yet to attain bitcoin rising at $4700 before the week ends, the only possible mark of interest will be for those that actually bought bitcoin at the rate of $3700 early this week, they can actually gain the $300 difference.

These are the petty risk one needs to put into consideration, and work with impromptu variances that might offset the likelihood of a true gain on investment markets like bitcoin, hence why most Forex brokers do not dive into trading bitcoin, because of it's volatile state.

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