Bitcoin Gains New Price Heights!

10 Oct 2017

Hello to all cryptocurrency lovers, especially those in the trend of bitcoin! Today seems to be a lovely day to actually sell bitcoin that must have staled away at the rate at $4700 from August! Today bitcoin gains $300 on its yesterday rate of $4500 , a 6% increase and currently looks like it will not be able to sustain this sudden hike in price. So if you are currently in the business of gaining back your August bitcoin Price now might be a good time to do so!

With the kind of float rate and charts from Digital Coin Trade®™ dashboard you will notice the graph that as of August the price of bitcoin went up to $4700 and started to drop just as it did with hitting the $5000 margin for just a day in September and started falling from that margin and working on a stalemate stance against the dollar.


Currently investors that bought bitcoin during this price hike can relax now as of today they can walk away with a $100 gain on their previous investment of $4700, which is a 2% increase from August 14th 2017 to October 10th 2017, but one needs to be thread carefully this period as it took bitcoin over a month to surpass the $4700 traction it had in August Bitcoin Rises by 17%...Again!!

Digital Coin Trade®™ will advice investors to look towards a much more steeper ROI on bitcoin for the rest of this week, there is still a tendency that it may suddenly drop again by 5% so invest wisely.

These are situations of floating rates governed by immense investments from stock marketers and exchangers, working in parallel market of demand and supply of bitcoin. This situation also affects the bitcoin value in your wallet but on Digital Coin Trade®™  we reverse the scenario by making sure you earn the interest on your bitcoin quantity instead of losing the interest you might have gained from a floating rate interest.

We offer a fixed and realistic interest rate that can hardly be affected if bitcoin falls down in price by 30% (this is our risk margin) from its current price but if keeps falling over 50% then we initiate the fall fixed interest rate which is half of the interest rate we promise to provide on your bitcoin savings with us.

You should consider banking your bitcoin with us! and enjoy the sound rest of mind of growing the value of your bitcoin with respect to its quantity, open an account today and get a free $50 bonus (limited offer).