Bitcoin Gains 18% within 3 days

13 Oct 2017

Hello Folks seems this week might eventually end up on an high note! as bitcoin gains such a tremendous ROI within a 3 days! the crypto currency giant has gained a beat down on the dollar at 18% from it's 3 days $4800 trading to a new heights record of $5800 this might be a spike but right now it seems to be shooting higher, because as at yesterday this price was below $5500 and today it has evenly moved up to beat the odds.

Are we going to see bitcoin trading for $6000 before the end of October? well that is a question left for the analyst and market traders with investors to be objective about, we wrote a piece on Why does the BitCoin price

 fluctuate so much?

If you go through that post then you understand the fundamental rules that guide the floating rates of bitcoin by the second, we also made a write up on 

Bitcoin Gains New Price Heights! 

while those that had bought the crypto-currency at $4700 can make a sale and gain $100 those that actually persevere to hold on till now could actually see a $1100 returns!! that is a whooping 23% gain versus a 18% gain as at now. This is actually a normal influx of rise and fall of bitcoin, but within a month the crypto currency giant is trying to pick up the pace as it is.

Looking at the graph below you can see the projection moving up against the dollar and at this sudden rate of increase it will be safer to suggest a quick sale of bitcoin for dollar right now... From the image graph below we can predict a $5800 stalemate between bitcoin and USD by coming week, and a 5% fall during this period as well. If you missed out last year with the purchase of bitcoin @ $600 you might actually catch on the crazy price rise and fall of bitcoin via Digital Coin Trade®™



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