Bitcoin Closing on $300 by Weekend Again!

21 Oct 2017

Bitcoin Gains 5% To Close Over $6000 This Weekend.

Bitcoin has done it again and this time the crypto giant currency has surpassed it's record breaking exchange rate to close above $6,000 this weekend over its last week traction of $5,800 currently Bitcoin is trading in for $6,100 and it's price seems to be at a 5% surge for the close of this weekend. A similar scenario can be observed when Bitcoin Closed on $300 by Weekend on 27 Sep 2017 which ensued another spike in price when Bitcoin Gains New Price Heights!  on 10 Oct 2017 with a 5% rise from it's then $4,700 to $5,800 and as at now 21 Oct 2017 it has moved by another 5%.

This window is of two opportunities to either sell now to attain a gain of 5% or wait 2 more weeks to achieve 10% gain, the only scenario this year that Bitcoin actually rise above 50% was around JULY when it skyrocket and doubled it's worth from a $1,700 per Bitcoin to a $3,500 worth. Although the saying goes that lightening do not strike twice at the same place could we have another rise of 5% within 2 weeks? meaning a projected increase of bitcoin from $6,100 to $6,400 or $6,500 to occur within Nov 3 or 4, which is another weekend close of $300 gain from it's current stalemate of $6,100 per Bitcoin.


From Digital Coin Trade®™dashboard we can deduce that their is going to be a certain volatility of fall in price prior this stipulated gain, a normal fall of 5% may be warranted during the process of rise and fall of bitcoin price. Another close observation on the graph deduce that other crypto currency paired up against Bitcoin are actually falling in price and value by 5% showing a close relationship in their closing trade this weekend, meaning the rise of Bitcoin this weekend actually affected other altcoins respectively.

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