Bitcoin Loss 5% As Bitcoin Gold Hit Market.

26 Oct 2017

Bitcoin Loss 5% As Bitcoin Gold Hit Market.


It's no joke, but then we at Digital Coin Trade®™ had provided a two way view of the choice to make for investors to trade carefully with the sudden spike price of bitcoin around $6100 and advised investors to use the opportunity to trade during the spike. Digital Coin Trade®™ is still standing on it's ground of another spike in price of bitcoin, which we have projected to increase by 5% in November 3 or November 4, more from our post Bitcoin Gains 5% To Close Over $6000 This Weekend written on 21 Oct 2017. 

From Digital Coin Trade®™dashboard we can deduce that their is going to be a certain volatility of fall in price prior this stipulated gain, a normal fall of 5% may be warranted during the process of rise and fall of bitcoin price. Another close observation on the graph deduce that other crypto currency paired up against Bitcoin are actually falling in price and value by 5% showing a close relationship in their closing trade this weekend, meaning the rise of Bitcoin this weekend actually affected other altcoins respectively.

So if you took to our advise you either have made 5% profit on 21st of October or have currently lost nothing from Bitcoin $5800 last month price scale, as bitcoin is currently on a stalemate of $5,800 from its $6,100 exchange price against the dollar.

A large loss to it's 5% down fall can be tracked to the introduction of the latest fork of bitcoin we wrote about that was supposed to take place on 25th of October Ready For Another Bitcoin Segwit 2x Hard Fork? after the release of this child of bitcoin, bitcoin fell by 5% which signals a poor reception for the bitcoin gold, unlike the last fork on bitcoin that made it surge over 5% in August (we are referring to bitcoin cash), even the successs story of bitcoin cash was actually short lived as the new crytpocurrency actually saw a down slide from its entry price value of over $900 to $300, but it still maintained it's top ten used cryptocurrency exchange value...furthermore we might not see exchangers trading in the value of any segwitx2 bitcoin as they are recognized as shitcoins says bitmex a bitcoin exchange company.

Further splits may be imminent. One faction of the community wants to increase Bitcoin’s block size to shorten transaction times, while another is opposed. The first phase of this plan, called SegWit2x, was implemented in August and took some of the data off the main network.

Again, this next fork is being met with more opposition as cryptocurrency trading platform BitMEX has told users to dump SegWit2x Bitcoins “immediately” following November’s hard fork - labeling them ‘ShitCoin2x.’


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