Bitcoin to set a new Gold record!

10 Nov 2017

Bitcoin is about to set yet another new record prior the end of November! Are we going to see it skyrocket over $10,000 by end of this year? That's a 50-50 chance actually we can only see a plausible effect of bitcoin weighing down on $8000 to $9000 exchange unit price, but a $10,000 exchange rate?! that will be something don't you think with it's current rate just a $100 above $7000? We had predicted a 10% increase of bitcoin price and value prior November 3rd Bitcoin Loss 5% As Bitcoin Gold Hit Market.

, But currently the crypto giant seems to be stunning everyone in the stock market right now! even the Gold company with over 122 billion dollars invested in bitcoin alone! read the infographic below to get a better weighing concept on how bitcoin stands against Gold in comparison

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Bitcoin vs. Gold