Bitcoin Continues to 8%

11 Jul 2017

Bitcoin Continues to 8%

Since our last post on the rise and fall of bitcoin by 30% on 18th of july investors have got this dilemma of investing or trading on this crypto-currency wealth builder and losing.


Apparently the fall of bitcoin is still in gradual process as the crypto-currency has fallen from it's $2500 to 1 bitcoin stalemate predicted by Digital Coin Trade®™ to a whole new standoff of $2300 to 1 bitcoin.

Now in contrary to other traders or investors, Digital Coin Trade®™ will encourage most buyers to key into this moment of low priced Bitcoin, why? well on Digital Coin Trade®™ platform such discrepancies do not affect your trading or investment.

How? Firstly Digital Coin Trade®™  Platform is built under the investment tools of swap trade and currency swap, which allows every bitcoin investors to trade via the platform primary currency, all transactions are based on this trading rates/currency and when interest are accrued they are also done with respect of the standardized uniform digital currency of the platform.

So the difference in the fall and rise of bitcoin does not affect your investments, hence when cashing out currency swap is put in place and you trade withdrawals at the platform sell rates based on transactional and commission fees.

Meaning if you invested $100 on 19th of June at the rate of bitcoin being $2500 and decide to withdraw on 7th of July at the rate of bitcoin being  $2300 you will cashout same $100 (but at our rates). It now depends what medium you want to cash out with, either in bitcoin or in Cash.

Bitcoin is know to rise and fall, why it is a very volatile trade to invest in, but with proper signals and experience from our experts (back office) we can easily trade bitcoin at a very lucrative milestone.

There have been speculations that bitcoin may fall even more within the next couple of weeks, but Digital Coin Trade®™ believes the best time to actually invest in bitcoin is now since the price is at a stalemate of $2300 and there is a 50-50 percent chance that this might improve by 5% by end of next upper week. Meaning if you make a purchase of bitcoin this week you are liable to have a 5% profit on your purchase within the next 2 weeks as seen from the current graph from the image below.


If you compare the graphs of the images on this post you will notice a rise and fall of bitcoin price via the graph above and currently the fall plunge of bitcoin of 8% is an open window for likely investors to take the opportunity to invest in it right now! because their are likely odds that within the couple of weeks bitcoin might gain a 5% increase stabling it back to the $2500 stalemate it once was last week. So as an investor will it be wise to make purchases of bitcoin? YES! we believe it is the best time to invest in it, if you have a 60 working days yielding duration for your dividends or interest to accumulate.

When you work with us at Digital Coin Trade®™ the most important thing to us is to keep your Bitcoin investment safe and to maintain an orderly, useful and simple to use Bitcoin investment trading market.

Don't wait for it to dawn on you! ACT NOW! JOIN Digital Coin Trade®™ Trading Platform and enjoy such benefits of secured interest on your bitcoin.

If you kept bitcoin for 5 years in your bitcoin wallet, do you know that that bitcoin unit will not increase? but just the value does! but also you will also incur the losses as well, remember bitcoin is a volatile market and if not careful you might end up losing more than you anticipated. Let the experts at  Digital Coin Trade®™  help you optimize your returns.