DCT®™ Launches e-Currency Exchanger

25 Nov 2017

Today marks the date Digital Coin Trade®™ Team makes available to its members the tool named e-currency exchange.

As an e-currency exchange platform Digital Coin Trade®™ has find it necessary to include this additional feature, which

will assist in the calculation of converting the quantity of cryptocurrencies we offer for withdrawal processing.


The introduction of the e-exchange tool is to further make it easy for users to see how much it cost to tokenism any of the 20 +

cryptocurrencies we support into either ethereum, bitcoin or bitcoincash.

These are the basic 3 that are withdraw able via the platform using our sell rate of the Digital Coin Trade®™ Token.

In most cases it also allows buyers of these 3 major crypto-currencies to know exactly how much they are paying for to get them

from our platform and how much to sell them back to convert to any fiat currency the platform support.

As of this writing we currently don't support US DOLLAR payouts to any US BANK ACCOUNTS due to US LAWS governing such 

issues of payouts via crypto currencies to US citizens.

The e-exchange tool can be located on user's dashboard when logged in, when clicked on you should find a similar page like the image

above. Kindly input the sum in ($) this is Digital Coi₦®™ token symbol, and let the calculator convert the currency and quantity of the crypto

coin you want to convert to with respect to the country selected.

Country fait currency is only to represent the amount it will cost you to have this crypto currency on our platform via buy or sell using our rates.

To simply make a purchase of this 3 top cryptocurrency all that needs to be done is to make a deposit, of the amount, make sure you include a 10%

addition during your deposit (when making a buy process). On the deposit page simply select your preferred payment method from the list and make

payment, after that and you have seen your cash balance reflect the token amount simply head to withdraw funds, found on "FUND SECTION".

Simply click on this tab and make a withdrawal of the funds in your cash balance, as long as you have included the 10% extra payment to your order

you will be able to get the exact amount required for your coin transfer. eg You want to buy $50 worth of ethereum to get a figure close to this

 amount you need to make a deposit of $55 into your cash balance via the Deposit Fund section, found on 'FUND SECTION" of your page.

To withdraw simply select your preferred option, to convert to crypto currency select either bitcoin, ethereum or bitcoincash and for fait currency 

just select that option and complete the process.

This is how easy to buy and sell with converting cryptocurrencies on our platform to either bitcoin, ethereum or bitcoin cash and fait currencies.