Public Announcements "updated policy"

06 Dec 2017

Please Note that In order to comply with our payment processors we have updated our policies on our website in regards to term policy, refund policy, private policy and new inclusion of the Know your customer and anti-money laundery policy.
Stating from 12/6/2017 Withdrawal Order Limits are restricted to $1000 per day. This is to follow the Know Your Customer & Anti-Money Laundering Policy KYC & AML Policy required by our payment processors and the need to validate such users. User failure to authenticate Identity will result to our Refund Policy
This policy are put in place to protect both us and our users, since we facilitate the exchange of liquid assets in the form of crypto currency which in turn can be exchanged on our platform as cash and vice versa.
This new insight as brought to light the need to know our customers in order not to fall pray to vicious entities parading as diligent users on the site and to also reduce the limits of risk involved in money launder international law infringements.

This new policy does not affect your deposit limits, only the withdrawal limits and each time a user makes a request for an order above $1000 the system will reject such an order and can only process $1000.
After order process, Digital Coin Trade®™  is obliged to contact user for a KYC process of user providing authenticated documents to validate registered data on our site. User will be required to provide Proofs of this information and provide additional data and information to back up their authenticity in order to be qualified to withdraw this sum.

Please Note that every time a user process an order of $1000 the KYC will be required to always update and authenticate such users...we can do this everytime or frequently for all users. User Failure of validating users authenticity will result to a Refund and Cancellation process.
Digital Coin Trade®™ Team
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