Digital Coin Trade®™ Xmas Deposit Bonus

15 Dec 2017

Digital Coin Trade®™ Xmas Deposit Bonus


Digital Coin Trade®™ is offering a special Xmas bonus offer for every deposit executed during the Xmas period and month of  December. This offer provides every client the opportunity to earn $20 per deposit they make on the platform. Every time a user makes a deposit under $50, they are entitled to a free $20 deposit bonus.

We also have provided an easy means to withdraw this bonuses via the purchase of Digital Coin Trade®™ Token via the BUY and SELL of our token need to fund your cash balance and transfer this funds to your purchase balance to claim the bonus fund. Please note that to claim bonus you will only be credited 30% of the entire bonus money everytime you repeat this process until the entire fund has been transferred to your purchase balance.

From Purchase balance you need to now buy the digital coin token and then sell it back to the platform which will get it automatically transferred to your cash balance.

From there you can now make a withdrawal request. Read more on how to withdraw bonus funds via HERE