Introduction of Ripple Coin

29 Dec 2017

Digital Coin Trade®™ is launching a new digital asset to the crypto currency withdrawal system that can be easily exchanged for fait currencies supported by the platform.

The move to adopt and support the ripple coin alongside the adaptation of litecoin on the system is to support our mission of offering very flexible exchange features in which our clients and users can liquidate their assets with us. 

What does this means? The introduction of ripple coin is a profitable introduction to the platform as we have monitored the growth of the cryptocurrency from its $0.25 rise to its current  $1.5 in less than 2 month..XRP also known as ripple coin is currently the 3rd used cypto coin in circulation, and for us to support the continual growth and mission of the creation behind the crypto currency we have made its availability on our platform. Already ripple coin is part of the 20+ now 30+ crypto currency convertible to a token on our deposit page, and with the introduction of it has a withdraw able derivative or asset this means that users of Digital Coin Trade®™ can now buy and sell ripple coin easily with credit cards and at the same time leverage on it's potentials against market volatility, arbitrage pricing and floating rates.

And with the recent adaptation of ripple coin by Japans banks and credit facilitators the crypto coin might see a much more brighter future with the market come 2018, it is already hovering on being the second most circulated crypto-currency from ethereum.

Remember Digital Coin Trade®™ is an e-wallet, that offers the opportunity to leverage your fait investment on crypto currencies, with the current trend of market volatility, floating rates and arbitrage pricing, a bright financial coin investment might turn out to be a total lose. Having your funds grow on a fixed rate of 2..5% daily for 75 days offers the best means to reduce total lose, and reduce risk of overhauling buy and sell.

We also offer the best networking system that is far from the most used multi-level-marketing pyramid system, we designate ours as a simple networking system that is built to benefit the users in terms of easy cash out and cycle out system. This allows you to earn as much as 300% with a simple table fo 2 by 2 forced matrix system, hence the amount you cash out depends on how fast you complete the table of 7, in a week it is virtually impossible for a crypto currency to attain such feet.

Invest in cryptocurrency securely and wisely via Digital Coin Trade®™ open an account today and invest a minimum of $50 tap into the financial freedom that the age of crypto finances brings.