04 Feb 2018

The sudden fall of cryptocurrencies as left the market capitalization, dumb founded! with most losing over 20% of their current value consistently in a week row and still no positive signal for redemption.

Most crypto enthusiast have pegged this period as the best opportunity to buy in the dip, but the unfortunate thing is that is this a certain buy trend opportunity or another bearish trap. eg you buy into btc when its falling below $10000 only for it to fall currently below $9000 meaning you have suddenly lost over $1000 within a day.

The uncertainty of the crypto market has brought about it's market capitalization shrinking from over 500Billion USD to 397Billion USD  this all can be triggered to recent bad news and stigmatization raised by countries and government officials against the use, and the need for regulation of crypto-currencies, and not to forget the issues of fraudulent ICOs attached to the crypto world.

The recent falls in prices has also had a significant effect on our platform , hence the need to initiate our FALL interest rates....the need for this is to try and stabilize the current off load of interest leveraging since the worth of all cryptocurrencies are simultaneously being affected, it has become a tedious task to leverage the price of one altcoin for the other.

Initiating the Fall interest price is to assist us to safe guard your initial capitals with us prior the resuscitation and stable pricing of all crypto currencies in the market.

This has been a planned strategy in case of a fall in price of crypto coins due to their high volatility and risk attachment We can only assure members that they either wait this period out or make urgent withdrawals with the best thought in mind that we will be reducing their profit by 15% (commission and transaction fees not included)..

The current situation in the crypto market is just a form of market correction and we should expect to see another rally as soon as the dust clears. We hope to get everything back up and good to go as soon as the market prices for each crypto currencies stabilized.