Rounding Up First Quarter of 2018

07 May 2018

Hello fellow Digital Coin Trade®™ Platform Users, we are already in the second quarter of the year, and most precisely we have kicked of the new year with a lot of sound developments and improvements with the platform. Firs off, we have been able to redesign the entire website front end with more useful content and showcase our road map towards achieving each of our goals for the coming year.

Here are some of the few developments that has occurred on the platform:

  • We have had to initiate our 15% Fall on all investment that were carried out during December 2017 going into Early February of 2018, and decisively paused all the accounts as soon as they reached their initial capital funded for their respective investments. This had to be executed to safe guard both our investors and our interest, as we could not facilitate the interest on initial capital which has reduced in value by 70%. A better illustration will be an example of an $100 investment portfolio, that had lost its crypto investment by 70% meaning we had just 30% to invest with. Case scenario would be for us to utilize this investment fund, but we can only do best with the little at our disposal. So hence with a dedicated team effort we were able to recover 100% back of the investment funds at the duration set for each investment portfolio for cashing out. Which further explains why the need to freeze all affected accounts, as this accounts conventionally are not providing profit but rather are like an insurance on the amount invested on the platform. As of date the Bitcoin is yet to attain 50% of its lost value, while we have been able to recover 100% of our investors money, which they can place a withdrawal on or reinvest on a clean slate.
  • We have been able to acquire a credit card facilitator to process all of our orders via Naira, British Pounds, US Dollar and Euro. We are working on some bugs regarding our Crypto processing medium and have also increased the amount of crypto currencies we can accept, process for supported withdrawal orders. Other dashboard bugs like e-exchanger calculator and coin payments deposit issues have been taking care of. We are working on locating the issues with the negative daily earnings wallet is under way and we can ascertain our users of a better calculated solution for this.
  • One of our major effort this quarter will be the introduction of our new front end that comes with a much more detail description of what we offer, and have provide a free live crypto calculator that assists users with their crypto conversion from one to another and also fait currencies. Furthermore we have introduce our partnership program, but yet to initiate as we need to implement our trading manager for 10+ live trading exchange sites, prior advance development of our trading bot, and further provide a data sentimental analysis for each crypto.

The 2nd quarter is seriously going to be challenging as laid out from our new website road map, but we are dedicated to offer and provide our user's nothing short than expectations. We have also made some changes to our Policies on the website most notably our Terms of Use. We will keep working to secure crypto investors digital value to protect them against volatility and make it profitable for the newbies.

If you compare our wallet services to others you will see that our rates are fixed and grow on a daily basis against a floating rate wallet, where by you can lose 70% of your funds into buying digital assets. If you want to invest in crypto currency as a newbie Digital Coin Trade is your best bet to securing your funds even when the market is falling below 10% (if the market falls below 15% and accumulates 30%, we will initiate 15% Fall on all investment and it will be effective on withdrawal orders).