Digital Coin Trade®™ New Partnership Deal

11 Jun 2018

We are proud to announce today 11th of June 2018  the partnership between Digital Coin Trade ®™ platform and some indegineous  company, to aid provide some of their cutting edge technologies to better improve our service deliveries and features to our users. 

We have partnered with the following companies

1.) fortmo (a mobile payment gateway that services over 100+ countries and provide payment via users mobile phone carrier).

2.) CoinSwitch (a Crypto to Crypto swap currency exchanger platform that auto aggregates the best price from top exchanger, for users to pick their best offers). 

3.) CoinCentral (an educational and information website dedicated to cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology). 

We will be looking at how to integrate their Technologies on the platform and further see how we can use their services to enhance our features as well. 

What this means in effect is that we will be adding another payment option to our current payment options and will be adding a better feature for our Crypto to Crypto swap exchange. 

Furthermore provide educative information and partnered press releases with a news outlet in the Crypto market and blockchain industry.

This path was decided to help enhance our service and features available to users of the platform.

We have partnered with Coinswitch a Crypto to Crypto swap currency exchanger platform to help better automate our Crypto to Crypto exchange features without the use of members buying our DCT token for operation on the platform. 

You will also be able to make your withdrawals from investment platform in more cryptocurrencies rather than have 30+ deposit options but you will now be able to make over 200+ withdrawal options. 

We have partnered to integrate Furtomo a leading mobile payment facilitator that uses mobile carriers & SMS gateway system to make purchase of products online and they serve over 150 countries in the world. This will enhance our payment options for deposit as we have with PayPal for withdrawal options. 

We have partnered with an industry news outlet who's course is in tune with education and informative news around the Crypto market and block chain technology, they are coincentral and we will be integrating their news outlet on our trading platform scheduled to be launched late this quarter or 3rd quarter. We will also be featuring some of their post likewise on our announcement section of our help desk. 

All that's left is the integration of this Technologies on to the Digital Coin Trade platform. 

At Digital Coin Trade ®™ platform we pride ourselves in providing solution driven opportunities to provide soft entry and leverage market volatility in the Crypto market to help investors  that want to enter the Crypto market but are scared of the possibility lose of their funds.

You should insure your Crypto fait value via Digital Coin Trade today.