First Bonus Offer

08 Jul 2018

Digital Coin Trade®™ is officially launching a digital promo, for FREE 1 Ether bonus give away at the rate of $400, dated value of 6th July 2018.

This giveaway offer is targeted at creating more awareness for the crypto space and encourage others to participate in investing in crypto currencies like bitcoin, ether, litecoin, ripple, etc to help them manage and facilitate their wealth as well.

This program will be conducted as a contest to promote fairness and equal chances for all our members and participants, only few contestants will be given the priviledge to participate in this contest, by default all our members are already qualified to participate.

To participate you need to register an account on the platform, then you need to fund your cash balance wallet with a minimum deposit of $50 DCT equivalent, after you have successfully done this, you are required to copy your referral link from the dashboard or from the promotional tab, and share it alongside your custom made image design a very good example will be the promotional banners allocated on that page
but we will like each contestants to use their own creative minds to execute images they will share on their social handles. You can share your creative images (approved images by our Facebook Team) on other social handles, but option to drop your referral urls as a link for users to visit.

There are numerous methods you can actually promote your referral links and get drawn for the bonus promo award, if you are familiar with html or web design you can use most of the promotional materials that are readily provided to you on the promotional page or you can enter html codes we provided.

Please note that the goal of this exercise is not to just promote your referral links, but to also convert as much as possible click through that will land on our registration page. So your image must be appealing and easy to understand.

We will assign some member of our team to monitor all participants url promotion on social medias to see how they all perform, and we will publish this traffic visits and conversion on our announcement page for members to see and read, to keep the competitive spirit alive.

Winners that meet our criteria for the 1 ETHER bonus giveaway will be announced as well on the announcement board and dashboard, when the duration of the contest is over. The contest is projected to span over 30 days (Maximum), meaning every week we will publish the analytics and performance of each individual referral links that participated.

To win the $40 1 ETHER Bonus giveaway you need to get 20 users registered under your referral links and also have them all invest minimum of $50 on any of our digital assets opportunities. We will opt our support team to be able to reply to all users that contact us for assistant in setting up their investment portfolios so you can be rest assured that we will be on the other end to response to your referral queries as soon as possible.