Bitcoin Price is Rising Back up!

22 Jul 2017

This is a follow up on our last prediction post JUL 11 2017 Bitcoin Continues to 8% published a week ago about bitcoin falling again by 8% and if it was safe for investors to buy into it.

We at Digital Coin Trade®™ "Real Investment Real Earnings..." encouraged our investors to actually use these periods of FALLS to buy in huge on the bitcoin franchise, and speculated a rise of 5% from upper week fall of 8% which was trading for $2300 and currently 1 bitcoin is trading for $2750 as seen from the image below.

So if you had bought bitcoin as at last week around $2300 what this means is that if you are to sell it this week you have made a profit of $450 within a week laps, that is a whooping ROI of 19% as predicted by Digital Coin Trade®™ that their will be an increment to the price of bitcoin by 5% over the coming week (This week).

This can also be seen from the Digital Coin Trade®™ Trading Platform, our Bitcoin exchange monitoring board has shown the rise and fall of bitcoin over the past few weeks and also a good trader should be able to point out the steeps in trading with bitcoin.

When we say we can get you profit from trading bitcoin using your investment, we hope you can see how true this is? Now imagine you invested 1 bitcoin into the platform and using a duration of 2 cycles = 60 working days (Saturdays and Sundays excluded) now within a week we have gained 19% out of 60 working days, so imagine how much more we can easily attained within the next duration of your investments.

Digital Coin Trade®™ trade is an online trading investment platform, where real investment real earnings takes place. We are not a ponzi or HYIP (high yield investment program), we are professional traders that trade your bitcoin with respect to buying them at a very cheap rates to trade as well, using our investment tool called swap currency ie buying into the program using our own coin values, hence transactions are handled within our own rates.

Which make your investment secured and our trading safe as well, as we are governed by our own rates and your purchase of our coins to trade in bitcoin, and to receive earnings in either local currency, bitcoin or dollar. So we encourage you to invest wisely and stop putting your hard earn money into schemes or multi-level-marketing fallacy that you will get rich overnight.

If you are a team builder, we have a very easy to cycle out cash system, Digital Coin Trade®™ offer this system as a binary system, it is a 2x2 matrix networking program that allows you to even earn faster and as much as 300% by simply completing a table network of 7 members (upgrade as you). with as little as $50 (Digital Coin Trade®™ USD and not the normal $) you can earn $150 every time you complete or cycle out of the table of 7 members. 

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