Digital Coin Trade®™ To Be Releasing Beta in December 2019

31 Aug 2019

It is been over 8 months since Digital Coin Trade®™ Platform was attacked by hackers, and the need to redesign and redevelop the entire platform from ground zero. We have been looking at improving the platform's accessibility and security levels. Following our stated mission and vision to provide an application that offers automated crypto investments for both newbies and pro's, that protect investors digital asset values, while we envision to be the world's trusted digital asset management app that aids in the adoption and easy liquidation of cryptocurrency.

digital coin trade platform

Digital Coin Trade®™ will be operating as an exchange manager platform, providing social trading features for partners that will like to earn extra cash from their trading experience, and also start an over the counter cryptocurrency business.

We have also added instant exchange swap for cryptocurrencies in partnership with coinswitch a big player in the crypto swap exchange industry.

We have been testing and running series of integration of ERC-20 tokens to the Digital Coin Trade®™ platform to assist us in listing and also solely trading them on our trading manager platform, so apart from offering a trading manager system for our users to monitor and trade on different platforms at the same time, they can also trade on arbitrage pricing of cryptocurrencies easily.

So we encourage our old users to not think the platform is gone, but we are simply rebuilding and redeploying new cutting edge technologies to better serve our clients better...remember in digital coin we trade.