09 Mar 2020

Suddenly the Bitcoin price safe haven for investors in cryptocurrency is beginning to shy away with its profitability potentials, with the crypto giant shedding more than 30% of its initial price coming in from February 13 as seen in the bitcoin chart at a height of $10.300 to its current price of $7300 which is 30% loss and if the price prediction of $6300 unfolds then we have a %41 market deep in price.


How does this affect Digital Coin Trade Investors and how do we safeguard your capital investments from such a market crash?

First, we need to clear the air about our platform means of operating, as stated before that we utilize investment tools like swap trading and currency swap to help mitigate the effect market crash caused by high market volatility and floating rates between two priced derivatives. We initiated the 15% Price fall on investors' interest, which in effect helps to cushion the effect of these losses if investor's daily earnings are able to cover for the 15% Fall if not then investors account is frozen and 15% will be deducted from their investment capital.

A simple illustration can be taken from the sample above; when an investor invested $500 worth of BTC dollar in DCT token equivalent, they start earning 1% daily, depending on the frequency of the fall of the primary investment derivative (BITCOIN) we will have to deduct 15% from your daily earning at the end of the month for that investment period.

In a case whereby you don't have any more daily profit to offset the simultaneous fall in price, a 15% fall will be deducted from the main capital during a mandatory forced withdrawal of your investment funds back into your cash balance wallet.

Where is the Price Future for Bitcoin Currently?

BTC Trading Analysis March 2020

From our analysis 

BTC forming big and small descending triangles noticeable in the 1-week chart frames

A view of the chart between the trading pair of BTC/USDT will reveal that the 1-week bearish divergence is about to kick off, and the small triangle is yet to find it's apex, thus maintaining a trend line of $6450, but because of the current valley we are in this week, we can forecast a break of that support line to $6300 before going back up to hit our current price of $9100 thus closing the descending triangle final valley to now make a direction price action to either go down or up.

This is a confusing chart as we have a fundamental analysis coming up on BTC halving Bitcoin Halving 2020

The halving event is getting closer where the miners' reward is going to be split in half... Prices tend to drop before this event and the charts agree.

So we can see prices dropping before the halving (red arrow) and then we can see long-term sustained growth (green arrow)... This is just one possible scenario of many, but this is how I believe things will go.

so fundamental analysis may take this up and if we don't have enough sentiments then we might see a break down in BTC price below $4000 in coming weeks.