Bitcoin Price Action

17 Mar 2021

Bitcoin Price Action and Our Risk Management

It has been over  two years Bitcoin was able to surpass it's 20000 dollar All time High way back in 2018, and it's drastic plunge to 3000 dollar price level last year.

But so to speak the crypto giant has suddenly picked momentum from February and entering March hit All time High twice from $52,000 to $62,000 respectively.

Although during this course of price pump action, BTC has faced certain draw backs in price, for instance when it was at $52,000 it dropped drastically to $28,000

which was over 20% fall in price, meaning a lot of investment would have gone down the drain during this period and furthermore when it hit $62,000 it fell to $52,000

that is over 15% fall in price, and currently the price is at $55,000 with likely hoods of it going under $48,000 pretty soon.

So, how do you secure your investment from such profit leakages? This is one of the merits of investing on our Digital Asset Management Platform "Digital Coin Trade",

for each instances of a 15% fall we have been able to cutback from your investment profits, and in a case where your investment profits is not sufficient to cover the dip

in price, we deduct from your capital and in a case we have to do that, your account in automatically cancelled and you are reimbursed what ever is left of your capital back

into your cash balance wallet.

Furthermore when a fall occurs we only apply our risk management on old investments and not recently opened accounts (opened after the fall), meaning all old investment

prior the Falls are affected, and since the 15% Fall has occured twice on BTC we have also initiated the risk management twice, meaning a total of 30% has been deducted from investors profit.

Merits of our Risk Management : This application helps to secure your capital in most cases we have a crash in the market, and also helps you secure your asset profitability in terms of price drops within 15%