DCT Token ICO Suspended

20 Sep 2021

DCT Token ICO Suspended


Dear Digital Coin Trade members this is to announce the pursue of our ICO project we had a schedule 

this month as we were unable to met up with our first seeding goals to commence the second stage 

of the program.

We have put in a lot of energy and also had lots of aspirations for the project and the goals it can achieve

for all, but due to external and internal constraints we have decided the best path will be to continue and perfect

our current platform.

Whether we will resume or decide to bring up the project idea again, is a discussion left for the future management

of the platform, but for now, we will be maintaining honing our services as a digital asset management platform.

With this new development coming to light, we have decided to reimburse every participant with the equivalent amount

used in making the DCT token purchase back to their various cash wallet and will make all the funds ready for withdrawal 

after October 2021, but in the meantime, we have provided an incentive bonus for those of you that will like to patronize

our in-existence service with an equal amount of deposit bonus.

That is, for every fund you deposit and invest on the platform, we will ensure to give you an equal sum in your bonus wallet

on the platform which is 100% withdrawable.