Digital Coin Trade New Development

23 Sep 2021

Rebranding and Restrategizing For a Better Quality Service Delivery

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In our step to reprioritized our mission, which is to provide an application that offers automated crypto investments for both newbies and pro's, that protect investors digital asset values, while we envision to be the world's trusted digital asset management app that aids in the adoption and easy liquidation of cryptocurrency., Digital Coin Trade®™.

From our platform statistic usage we denote that most users only utilize the investment platform and tend to neglect the other two forms of investment on the platform, it adheres to understand that the platform itself is not built only for investment on accrued return, but also offer a very easy to go and simple network marketing system for affiliate marketers anyone can simply do this and earn much faster and bigger returns on their investment coupled with the fact of waiting for your normal returns of investment (2 cycles minimum).

Then finally we have the trading system, unlike traditional trading system, this system is actually meant for crypto investors that want to safeguard their crypto values from falling, eg you can make a purchase of BTC in DCT Token and keep it in the Vault (DCT Coin Wallet) where your crypto value is in proportion to the coin value, we provide you with a sentiment chart and graph on the dashboard to aid you in making necessary decisions of either to sell your DCT Token or to buy more.

This will aid you with our free Trading analysis we do offer on the dashboard via our official Twitter handle to know if to sell your DCT coin for USD or let it wait, another thing to work on is the arbitrage pricing we offer on your trade, we mostly offer the real-time price vs the dashboard price of BTC this gives you an edge of $100 automatic arbitrage pice on the original price of BTC when you sell back to the system for USD.


  • In order to foster the usage of our other investment platform we have reduced the investment account to one per user
  • if you will like to do more investment then you have to do so by doing the binary matrix...and if you are a crypto investor you can try to store the value of your asset with us via trading and swapping it for DCT token (Voucher) on the platform please note DCT is what we call BTC on the platform, they carry same value price as we do not handle any crypto on our platform all your cryptocurrency are saved outside the platform and handle by third party companies.
  • We have introduced trading signals to be included in the matrix upgrade button, this will ensure that users that upgrade are given access to trading signals and also sales of the trading signals can be used to grow the binary network for users to earn 300% when they complete there table and 10% referral commissions.
  • Lastly, we have reworked our partnership program, it is in every establishment to grow its business prows and gain traction from its purpose, regarding our partnership program. It has been decided that the program shall be used to target like-minded individuals who are keen on building a reputable network structure that can earn then tens and thousands of dollars in referral commission and network marketing combine. We are offering a recognition badge for such special treatment on the platform, you will be recognized as an executive manager and be given a task or set of goals. As an Executive member, you get to partake in such exercises to win grand rewards.
  • Please visit the partnership page to learn more about how you can qualify.

This sums up all our relevant changes on the site, and yes our logo rebranding is a keeper and also our payment processors have actually reduced to two paying with a credit card and paying with crypto, this is due to some policy from other payment processors. In the nearest future we will try to endeavor to add more compatible payment processors.