Bitcoin Breaks Financial Grounds!

08 Aug 2017

Bitcoin Rises by 20%.

Wahoo what a wonderful week this is! with a grand opening this week as bitcoin moves up from our last write up Bitcoin Price is Rising Back up! 

Where it rose up from it's 8% fall by 5% and remarkable has gain much weight at around 20%, yes! you read that right, bitcoin has gained an interest of 20% from it's $2750 trade mark to a whole new record of $3400 (currently at stalemate).

When you trade with Digital Coin Trade®™ you are rest assured that seasonal FOREX traders are behind the scene making your hard earned money work for you. whilst I say investing on ponzi or pyramid schemes disguising as bitcoin investment trading companies are not of best interest to you or your hard earn money.

If you followed all our post on bitcoin rise and fall, you should deduced by now that your earnings will have yielded over 20% by now and we are currently in the second month (virtual investment). Digital Coin Trade®™ is built on transparency and why we have our users dashboard showcase all that's going on behind the scene, how much you as an investor earn per day (working days) and how much you have accumulated (daily earnings wallet). 

From the image below you can see the results of consistency monitoring and best practice trading habits at work, imagine the lot in terms of returns that our investors are liable to earn. You can also enjoy such benefits and we encourage you to invest in bitcoin via Digital Coin Trade®™


Bitcoin gains weight by 20% over a span of 5 days! did you know that most financial proprietors do heavily invest in bitcoin? did you know that most millions over the internet are being made via trading of currency? well if you have colleagues or know those that are willing to invest a hundred dollar and want to see it grow to thousands of dollar then trading might just be the fastest legal route.

In our next announcement post, we will be focusing on what makes our platform different from a ponzi and why we stated that our Networking Program is not a Multi-Level-Marketing Pyramid Scheme. So for now keep investing in your future, keep investing with Digital Coin Trade®™ Real Investment Real Earnings...