Why Digital Coin Trade®™ isn't a Multi-Level Marketing Platform

09 Aug 2017

Difference between network marketing and multi-level marketing?

First I think there is a need to explain the reason why most people will use the terms "Network Marketing" and "Multi-Level-Marketing" interchangeably.

We need to recognize that network marketing is part of the direct sales concept, and multi-level marketing is another type of networking, more like an hybrid.

Now I will assume that we all understand that in direct sales you are being poised to sell for some sort of commission or profit on a product or service, now picture yourself as an affiliate of Digital Coin Trade®™ promoting it's Service (Bitcoin Investment Trading Platform) and you get a recruit under you who in turn do the same, now within this scenario you have made a sales by the investment of your referral into the Digital Coin Trade®™  Investment Trading System.

What we pay in respect to pay outs or cycle outs is based on the total number of people or network that you are able to bring to complete your table, and in our own terms we peg this commission to 300% of your investment sum in the system.

Whereas in a multi-level-marketing system the table or networking tree (genealogy) is basically built in a way of connecting series of networks in parallel or horizontal, a very good illustration is the image found below.


A typical Multi-Level-Marketing Network

The image above is what most networking companies practice in disguise of a networking structure, but already from their business model it is clear that they offer a multi-level marketing structure. How will you know they offer a MLM structure and not a Networking Structure? since both are similar the difference between the two is simply in the "MULTI" and "LEVEL" build up in the marketing structure.

eg You join a company that promises you good to be true commissions or returns and to top it off they offer you mouth watering compensation plans like a yacht trip, a whole building or even a car valued over $500,000! if you enter a certain LEVEL from their series of levels you need to scale.

In an MLM structure each LEVELs are basically made up of networks, where by they are built on a matrix formation of either 2 by 2 or 1 by 4 etc for easy build up (Networking), now due to the restructuring and build up of several levels for a participants to hit the retire button (where you get paid off to either recycle back or cycle out).


Merely looking at the image above such structure are built to fail, or rather put in place to benefit the company, there is no way you have your entire sales force earning so much and you as an entity can legally pay them all, have you ever wonder how this so called companies manage to pay up all the commission expenses mentioned above? well the diagram below explains it further. All payment paid to top investors are gotten from new recruits same with compensations plans.

In MLM business structure only the early birds (arrivals) earn the most prior the company collapses, the concept is not behind the product or service they sell  or offer that guarantee their legitimacy (please be cautious). That is a classic misdirection to follow, at Digital Coin Trade®™ we practice real investment and real earnings via our platform (Bitcoin investment trading platform) and all our endeavours are to benefit our investors as we only earn when you earn (withdraw).

Infact our forced binary matrix system is very simple and easy to work with, in terms of networking you can either work as a stand alone or as team with your downlines, who help to see that you cycle out of the table. A table built for 7 members, this structure is the easiest way to build a networking team and fastest to earn without the issues of referring a second level or third level etc to finally cycle out from the system.

Digital Coin Trade®™  offers a single networking table that allows all participants to have equal chance to succeed in the table (structure) and whilst others offer commissions and compensations as bait to coerce other unsuspected downlines , we don't offer such! YES, zero compensation! your motivation should be focused on building your table or working with your downlines to build your table.

Looking at the image above you will notice a pyramid pattern, where only the top few earn the most and they are of few percentage unlike the majority that falls under the looser structure. At Digital Coin Trade®™  we help to provide buttons for qualified team leaders that require Two or One downline to cycle out (Cash out) at an investment equivalent price.

This means that if you cannot complete your table or find it difficult to do so, and you have just 2 or 1 person to complete the table you can make a purchase and we will auto fill the spots for you.



1.) It's easy to cycle out and zero levels involved.

2.) You can either build the table on your own or work with your downlines.

3.) Your earnings are always secured with no string attached.

4.) Your Focused on one objectives and no side attractions eg compensations

5.) We also offer to assist you rather than burden you with the work load.

The best part is that most popular investors backs Network marketing as being a legit way to be financially free, don't take our words for it see the images below.

Well we hope we have cleared the doubts and now you can learn how to invest in Digital Coin Trade®™ via here