Bitcoin Rises by 17%...Again!!

14 Aug 2017

Ok...this is really going to be a record set off, right here and right now as bitcoin establishes a new kick ass record of hitting $4000 within another 5 days just previously on the 8th of August 2017 we wrote an appraisal about the crypto-currency rising at 20% within 5 days, Bitcoin Breaks Financial Grounds! and today the e-currency giant does it again, within 5 days it has risen by 17% definitely this week seems to be the best time to sell, with another gain record of 17% return on investment from bitcoin.

This is no joke we might actually see bitcoin shot as close to $5000 before the year rounds up! So if you are anyone that will like to plan your future then get on this bandwagon of financial freedom emancipation! From the diagram below you can see the facts are glaring, just within 5 days it has attained such heights. We still wonder which business can get such remarkable returns!

But this sudden turnover in returns could easily be short-lived just as the rise to $3000 shot up and started falling for a week only to gain traction later week and now attained $4000 standings. Our best bet is for investors to sell their bitcoin during this period and wait over a week to see the outcome between bitcoin against dollar this week if it rises further by 5% or declines. Let's all keep a vigilant eye on things and monitor our live readings via the Digital Coin Trade®™ platform. 


So if you are still in doubt about this gold mine opportunity to establish your financial status then take a good look at our past follow up post on bitcoin via the link above and tell me if this is not a great opportunity to invest? please stop sitting on the fence and stop being a spectator! if there is any establishment designed in this era to make everyone wealthier, it seems bitcoin is that medium.

We meant business when we say investment in bitcoin is a real deal, and seriously what best time for this opportunity to come in place! At Digital Coin Trade®™ we capitalize our profits on the rise and fall of bitcoin, to enable us to attain a 30% pegged return on investments for our clients. If there is any investment that can provide you 30% interest, bitcoin trading is most we do strongly encourage investors to look into legit investment platforms like Digital Coin Trade®™ to invest their hard earned money and stop investing on fallacy platform that intends to procure returns from new investors to pay the old ones.

Such establishments are built to scam you from the onset, we at Digital Coin Trade®™ are seasonal traders with a good eye for picking best time to trade, and not to forget we do have our in-house investment tools used to secure our ROI on your investments. The investment tools we employ into assuring a steady flow of generating 30% ROI on investment funds is no other than "SWAP TRADE" and "CURRENCY SWAP" systems and the financial instruments used in "SWAP" here will be our own virtual credit called Digital COI₦®™.
It is a virtual credit utilized in securing investment plans on the platform to buy into the primary digital coin trade system on the platform, our virtual coin Digital COI₦®™ has it's in-house rate against bitcoin so when you purchase the virtual card you are buying at a rate regulated by the rate of bitcoin vs dollar. We trade by buying bitcoin at the cheapest value in the market and sell at the highest rate in the market to attain a fixed pegged % in returns.

This is how we simply trade with your investment funds and given the fact that we only execute trading during working days (excluding Saturdays and Sundays) and the investment duration is for 60 working days (minimum), we have more than enough time to get each investor's their 30% per 30 working days. Our relationship with clients investment on our platform is so synonymous in the sense that we only earn when you earn and withdraw your returns (after 30 working days). 

Watch the video below to have a conceptual idea behind bitcoin and how valuable it is to your financial freedom, and if you are done kindly visit Digital Coin Trade®™ to register and start investing with our cutting edge platform.