Bitcoin Falls by 20% in 2 weeks

14 Sep 2017

Hello dear Digital Coin Trade®™ members, today announcement is a bit of a 2 way story! well it is no news by now that bitcoin is drastically falling after it gained an astonishing feet of $5000 last month, but it is a shame so to say as the index of this victory was short lived at a pace of just a day...since this enigma the crypto-currency giant "bitcoin" as started to decline bit by bit, notwithstanding the rise and fall it has been having along the way. it is just 2 weeks into September 2017 and bitcoin has finally moved away from its $4700 comfort zone to a  ridiculous $3800.We can still remember our post on bitcoin falling by 30% in JuneBitcoin Falls by 30 percent! This week. So our consensus will be that from such an experience of fall within a week and now a fall by 20% within 2 weeks, their is still a likely fall or rise by 5% prior the week ends, meaning bitcoin can either gain or lose another 5% before the week ends

What this means is that bitcoin is actually depreciating again but it is doing this at a more weary rate if it keeps on falling we might find bitcoin coming back to a rate of $3500 by the end of this week. ie a fall rate of 10% per week if you don't get the picture. This is definitely not a good time to start selling or trading in your bitcoin and we at Digital Coin Trade®™ will advice investors to actually keep their bitcoins and wait to observer and monitor the trend.

For newbies in the system, well what can we say but this might actually be the right time to consider taking action into buying into the million dollar franchise "bitcoin" if you find it unaffordable to purchase bitcoin at the current rate, then wait till the end of this week, but do not consider weekends to see how it depreciates, if it does so with a 5% drop at any given time please use that opportunity to buy into it.

This windows are normally rare but basically meant for the vigilant and quick reflex traders, after your purchase to now leverage on your bitcoin growth (rise and fall) you now invest on Digital Coin Trade®™ investment trading platform.