How To Start an Investment Plan?

How Do You Start a Plan on Digital Coin Trade®™?

To start any plan on the platform, you need to know the price or the amount of investment money required to activate that plan.

The platform is divided into 3 basic investment program and their investment amounts varies.

1.) The investment plan has a dynamic investment amount that always fluctuates and where to get this prices is from the investment calculator

located on the dashboard itself.

Types of Investment Plans.

The investment plan has 3 types of plans which you can invest in, they are Business plan, Enterprise plan and Tycoon plan.

All these plan prices always fluctuates so you need to always visit the Investment calculator for their respective current prices.

When you have COPIED the amount of the plan you want to invest on, simply go to FUNDS SECTION and click on deposit as illustrated in the image below.

You can now input or paste the amount into the deposit form page and select your preferred payment method and complete the process as illustrated in the image below.

After your deposit has been processed you will see the amount in $ remitted on your cash balance wallet, this should reflect on your dashboard when you scroll below the investment calculator.

Now you can now use the calculator to make a quick investment via the investment calculator. On the investment calculator you have two sliders. One for numbers of cycles and the other for compounding %.

The number of cycles is the duration you want to have your investment generating interest for you on the platform, with the minimum duration being 60 working days. Within this 60 working days (2 CYCLE) you always have your 30% interest deposited after every 30 working days, it is after the investment tenure that you now have both investment capital and LAST interest remitted into your cash balance wallet.

Please Note that for compounding interest if you select anything below 20% the system will automate that to 20% and if you select anything above 80% and not  100% the system will automate that to 100%. and when you decide to compound 100% none of your 30% interest will be remitted to your cash balance until the entire investment duration is over.

To complete your order after selecting the proper slide amount of your choice you need to click on the launch button. Next you will see a checkout page similar to the image below. simply confirm payment and the amount will be deducted from your cash balance and the plan will be logged.

To get information about your investment simply click on Funds section and click from the drop menu "My Investment" which will show you details like when your investment will end and the amount you earn per working days of the cycle. The daily earnings wallet on your dashboard accumulates all your earnings to be automatically transferred to your cash balance wallets at the appropriate time (after tenure or when 30 working days is reached.)

Please get familair with the image below for more insight about the dashboard.