How To Start a Matrix Plan?

How To Start a Matrix Plan?

When you log on to your dashboard simply scroll down below the investment calculator, you will spot the upgrade $100 button, this button is designed for the binary matrix plan.

You need to have an equivalent of $100 in your cash balance wallet prior this transaction so it is required you fund your wallet with $100 or it's equivalent in your cash balance by click on Funds Section and then hit on deposit tab as shown in the image below.


where you will be shown a page you will need to input 100 and beside it you select your preferred payment option, you then confirm the process to have the funds remitted to your cash balance wallet.


after a successful transaction you should be redirected back to the dashboard  where you can now scroll down to click on the upgrade $100 button . This will debit your cash wallet with the sum of $100, you should see "Account Upgrade Successful!" message after this upgrade . Below your upgrade status you will find an icon for briefcase that shows you number of downlines you need to have in order to cycle out.

You can  build your downlines with the help of the promotional tab that has both HTML CODE and REFERRAL URL for you to get more signups and build your downlines via the web.

On the dashboard itself you can get your REFERRAL LINK, which is located by the left hand side of your UPGRADE STATUS bar. Click on it to reveal your referral url on a new tab, copy this unique url and register new downlines under you, the number of those that you sign up will show on the REMAINING DOWNLINES box (mind you it only counts those that actually upgraded).

To know the total people you have signed up, you can click on the  MY DOWNLINE tab and click on Downline users. you will see list of people you have registered and how many they have registered can be accessible by clicking on their names.

This figures can also be seen on the Matrix Tree eg demouser have referred a total of 4 and out of this 4 only 2 are placed under demouser 1, you can see same reference on other members in the table.

The Matrix Earnings wallet shows you the amount you have earned from your binary matrix plan and you have to transfer your earnings from the wallet to your cash balance wallet. To do this you need to visit the Wallets Transfer tab under the FUNDS Section and do a transfer manually.