How To Withdraw Bonus Fees?

How To Withdraw Bonus Fees?

bonus funds

Let's begin with the main purpose of the bonus wallet. The wallet is designed to facilitate users to participate in the trading platform, and also to encourage others that are active in promoting Digital Coin Trade®™ Investment Platform.

So how do you withdraw your Bonus Funds from your Bonus Wallet?


STEP 1.) You need to make sure you have at least $50 earnings in your cash balance wallet.

STEP 2) Next click on the Fund Section to click on the the purchase balance navigation tab.

STEP 3) On the purchase balance page do a transfer of funds from your cash balance to the purchase balance

STEP 4.) You will be sent to the checkout page where you have the bonus funds added as well automatically.

STEP 5.) Note only 30% of the total money in the Bonus wallet will be withdraw-able at any time you execute a purchase balance transfer.

STEP 6.) You can repeat this process till you have all your bonus funds transferred to your purchase balance.

STEP 7.) After you are done, kindly go to BUY COINS SECTION and buy a Coin "Digital Coi₦®™" via Purchase balance wallet.

STEP 8.) The Funds from Purchase balance wallet will be used to buy the coin and then transferred to your Coin wallet.

STEP 9.) Next you need to click on the BUY COINS SECTION and click on the SELL COIN navigation tab to sell your "Digital Coi₦®™".

STEP 10.) The funds will be credited to your Cash Balance wallet immediately and you can click on withdrawal tab via the Funds Section.